Sunday, January 3, 2010


*At a stand still
*I don't really understand this life
*I need a change of scene
*This year is all about music, art, healthfulness, and ME!
*I would like to move again as soon as possible
*I miss my wifey
*I lost 5 lbs this past week, but it's not making much of a difference
*I want a new job. Working from home is depressing.
*I need to make some music (record over fresh beats, start a band, etc) asap
*I need to learn how to only focus on the positive (i guess this post isn't proving that so much, huh?)
*I must use my skills that I excel in and do something great, like I am meant for
*I have to not let things get to me that won't matter in the grand scheme!!!!
*I must love more
*I must care more
*I must listen more intently
*I must write more
*I must read twice as much as I already do
*I must take and give good advice
*I must spoil myself (in a good way)
*I need to use the computer less than I do
*I need to keep my focus on exercising and putting only natural things into my body
*I have to keep my focus on drinking less booze (even though I've gotten exceptionally better at it already)
*I must continue to be myself!

I guess this was a sort of New Year's resolution list?
Even though, I don't usually like making those, this is more of some goals I would like to accomplish this year.


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