Monday, January 31, 2011

heaven on earth


Just a thought

I feel bad for people who hold grudges, even after the person they hold the grudge against apologizes.
it takes way more energy to dislike someone than to just be civil.
and it's pretty bad for your karma too.


I love my half shaved head. I'm totally letting the other side grow ridiculously long and keeping the shaved part.

my life now consists of changing poopie diapers, making bottles, 2 or 3 hrs of sleep at a time, and not being able to go out much... and I'm loving every minute of it.

I think Mimi is going to be an advanced baby. she's already smiling early, tries to hold her bottle, and can pretty much hold her head up. I was an advanced baby. I was speaking in full sentences by 1 yrs old, walked early, and taught myself to read.

how come in movies there's always a cat stuck in a tree and the owner has to call the cops or fire fighters to get it down? I've never in my life heard of this actually happening.

I wish people would stop believing everything they read on Facebook.

my daughter only cries if she's super hungry. I lucked out.

whatever happened to Junior

instant netflix is probably one of the most amazing inventions ever.

can broads please stop wearing Uggs already?

I can't wait to be totally healed from c-section surgery so I can take dance classes again.

I feel like I'm way too concerned with finding new music to listen to. my musical taste is amazing, I must say.

I've always loved listening to dnb/jungle in the morning. always puts me in a good mood and wakes me up.

I want to collect vinyl. I already have a pretty wonderful collection from the 60s / 70s that my mom passed down to me. Led Zep and The Who's Tommy being my favorite.

Prince has performed quite a few shows the past month or so and of course it's when I had no way of being able to go.

why has nobody made a movie abt Jeff Buckley's life starring James Franco yet?

hiphop will always be my number one love. I know more abt it than most.

la vita e bella.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

a month already!

January 28th (this past friday) marked Miette turning one month old! I can hardly believe it. I can't believe the love I feel for this little girl. She truly saved my life. Where was I a year ago? I had just started dating Frankie and I was still partying. Funny thing is, I don't miss it. At all. Sure, I'll go out every once in awhile for special occasions and when my mom agrees to babysit (i'd only let her, my grandma, and my aunt watch her). She is so precious. I'm sure I've said this since she's been born, but it's truly astounding how much you can love someone. I never felt this before. And I've always loved hard, but this is like insanity. When she cries (which isn't often, really only when she's hungry. she's such a good baby... so far lol), it makes me want to cry. When I'm (bottle) feeding her and she stares into my eyes, it's the best feeling. She's starting to smile socially now, and it is the greatest smile ever. You know how people say stuff like, "I'd die for him/her", "I'd do anything for him/her", "I'd take a bullet for him/her" ? Well, I've said things like that before, but it doesn't compare to how you feel about your child. It's like those words had no meaning before, and now I'm in the know. I am so beyond blessed, it's ridiculous. I could've kept going deeper into the dark, but instead I got the greatest gift anyone can receive. Can't believe it's already a month. cannot believe it. I love her so much.


Friday, January 28, 2011

dave gahan x skream


hair jealousy!

So, I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday. and I am almost 100% on shaving a little part of my head again. i've had an asymmetric cut for awhile, but i want like the front of the left side shaved. i miss doing stuff like that to my hair.
i always want to change it.

here are pictures compiled of hair i want/am lusting after:


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little dolly


my head

to shave or not to shave?

only part of one side.
not that played out Rianna hairdo.
but i miss having parts of my head shaved.
does that sound weird?
deal with it.


Tetrapharmakos (i disagree with some of this)

The Tetrapharmakos (τετραφάρμακος), or, "The four-part cure," is the Greek philosopher Epicurus' (341 BC, Samos – 270 BC, Athens) remedy for leading the happiest possible life. The "tetrapharmakos" was originally a compound of four drugs (wax, tallow, pitch and resin); the word has been used metaphorically by Epicurus and his disciples to refer to the four remedies for healing the soul.


The following is a description of each line as the Epicureans understood it.

Don’t fear god
As a prelude to "Don't worry about death," the concept of "god" in Epicurus' time was incompatible to Epicurus' beliefs. The worrying about whether or not the gods are concerned about the actions of human beings, and the amount of observance and worship ascribed to them, was the general relationship of man's belief to the gods' purpose and temperament. But Epicurus and many other Greeks at the time conceived the gods to be a hypothetical state of bliss rather than higher bodies of judgment; they are indestructible entities that are completely invulnerable, enviable to mortals, and, most importantly, unconcerned about anything beyond the bliss and happiness they represent. They are mere role models for human beings "who emulate the happiness of the gods, within the limits imposed by human nature."

Don’t worry about death
As D. S. Hutchinson wrote concerning this line, "While you are alive, you don't have to deal with being dead, but when you are dead you don't have to deal with it either, because you aren't there to deal with it." In Epicurus' own words, "Death means nothing to us...when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, then we do not exist," for there is no afterlife after we die. Death, says Epicurus, is the greatest anxiety of all, in length and intensity. This anxiety about death impedes the quality and happiness of one's life by the theory of afterlife: the worrying about whether or not one's deeds and actions in life will translate well into the region of the gods, the wondering whether one will be assigned to an eternity of pain or to an eternity of pleasure.

What is good is easy to get
Sustenance and shelter, these things can be acquired by anyone—by both animal and human—with minimal effort, regardless of wealth. But if one wants more than one needs (over indulgency, gluttony, etc.), one is limiting the chances of satisfaction and happiness, and therefore creating a “needless anxiety” in one’s life. "What is good is easy to get" implies that the minimum amount of necessity it takes to satisfy an urge is the maximum amount of interest a person should have in satisfying that urge.

What is terrible is easy to endure
The Epicureans understood that, in nature, illness and pain is not suffered for very long, for pain and suffering is either "brief or chronic...either mild or intense, but discomfort that is both chronic and intense is very unusual; so there is no need to be concerned about the prospect of suffering." Like "What is good is easy to get," recognizing one's physical and mental limit and one's threshold of pain—understanding how much pain the body or mind can endure—and maintaining confidence that pleasure only follows pain (and the avoidance of anxiety about the length of pain), is the remedy against prolonged suffering.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cella Dwellas, FG, PCU

Broadway Bar

my boo

today she is 4 weeks old!
goddaddy Sean & his lovely lady Aimee came to visit her yesterday, too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wait

Random time.

I'm sitting in the car waiting for frankie to finish burning his set list for the Cella Dwellas show tonight.

it feels like I live in the freezer outside.

I miss Miette already and I've only been gone for 20 minutes.

it'll be nice to go out for a change.

I may even have a beer or two.

I actually have makeup on.

I found my moms poncho from the 70s that I used to wear in middle school. I wish I could wear it tonight but it's way too brick.

can't wait to dance tonight.

but at the same time u can't wait to get back home to Miette.

my mom is a saint.

have a good night!

sleep smiling


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mercy me

Remember when I liked you?
remember when I believed your beautiful act?
remember how you could do no wrong in my eyes?
remember when I took in everything you said?
remember all of the times I laughed till my stomach hurt?

it's all so foreign to me now.

you're in my web now;

I've come
to wrap
you up
tight till
it's time
to bite


baby mimi, randoms, some photog, shtuff.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Mostly Miette from the past week.
Today she is 3 weeks old.
(it's also Frankie & my one year anniversary)
some other randoms thrown in here.