Friday, May 7, 2010

just random

This made my morning:

Anything ballet is my heart. go google!


I think I'm going to start rocking my minnie mouse ears more often.

I'm serious. I love them so much. They're fun to wear, so I might as well. It would be a sight to see me 9 months preggers wearing minnie mouse ears.

I'm being random today bc I haven't really blogged much lately. deal with it. :)

I forgot how dope this video is:

So, I'm not huge on maternity clothes, but Target Maternity is soooooo adorable. I plan on only wearing dresses this summer because they're the most comfortable and I know I'll be uncomfortable quite a bit when I get further along in my pregnancy. I already over heat more than normal. Long, flowy dresses will be perfect for this summer for me. Their bathing suits are adorable too.

One thing that blows chunks, is I won't really be able to shop at for the next 8 months. wish they had a maternity or plus size section so i could still rock my style. They finally got nike up there too!

if you wanna shop there, use my rep code at checkout for 20% off
rep code: JN31115

and lastly
here is my dance party song for the day:

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