Sunday, April 11, 2010

KRS-One fo free

so next saturday, my boyfriend and some friends are opening for the one and only KRS-One. this is such a big deal! i'm so ecstatic for him.

get involved, here's the flyer:
(my boyf is the one in the back with his arms up in the air)

Last week he opened for Rakim, show was off the meat rack. huge crowd, and they were loving the CE and FG <3.
i felt super mega cool dewd bc i videotaped it from the stage, standing behind them. i really thought i was special. so fun.
can't wait to kick it with the teacher next weekend.

today i had an ill day with Frankie. We went down to the water in Center Moriches and relaxed for a bit. it was so peaceful. i took a lot of great pictures, uploading them now.

i'm overall happy and loving life and not trying to be someone who i'm not. and i want to wish the best for everyone.

if you're looking for a book to read, I read this book a few months ago called "The Shack". it's definitely sad and disturbing in the beginning, but it gets so good and it's definitely life changing.


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