Monday, April 12, 2010

random like my brain

I've been on such a writing kick lately, which is great because I was suffering from writer's block for what felt like years. I mean, every once in awhile, i'd write something ill, but it was like once every few months. I dunno what inspired me, but I've been writing every day and I'll probably share some stuff on here when I get the balls to. I actually already have, but I'm not telling where. Lot's of private and disturbing stuff, but it's art to me. I would not be able to function if I couldn't write anymore, and it was pissing me off so hard when I had the writer's block. It's probably because I've been recording so much music lately, and also because I'm feeling so wonderful... yes, still.

I'm looking for a second job still, because my job is very unreliable. They'll randomly need me, and then won't need me for a week, so it's obnoxious. East West opened up in h-ton village, i may apply there. frankie and i checked it out over the weekend, and i'm liking it. we'll see what happens. if anyone knows of anywhere hiring, please do tell. preferably anything to do with makeup art, salon receptionist, or retail. tankies kindly.

This song has been in my head all day for some reason, and I have no idea why because I don't think I've listened to it in months... nevertheless, it's a goodie.

I need to start dancing a lot again. It really is my number one love and what I'm best at. I've started taking my girl's belly dancing class, which is amazing, but I can't always get there. I used to choreograph ballet, lyrical, and hiphop, so maybe I'll just dedicate at least 4 hrs a week to doing that. Plus, I'd love to lose this extra weight I gained over the winter. I do wii fit, and my boyf and I go for walks when it's nice, so that will help. But yeah, I need to get back into some dance company or something. Another reason why it sucks to live on long island again, so much more opportunity in the city for the things i love. must move back in the next 2 years. but i honestly feel the most amazing when I'm dancing. I'm so passionate about it.
I need this shirt:

so, i haven't had a phone in over a week. it just decided to stop working over easter weekend. my phone is pretty new too. i had the G1. what ended up happening is my sim card somehow got damaged. so i gave it to my boyfriend since he had a shitty old dinosaur for a phone. now they're sending me the brand new Samsung Behold II for free! I know it's lame to get excited over a cell phone, but I just feel so out of the loop. The hiatus was good though. I should take a hiatus from the internet too.

and lastly, here are some things that I'm lusting after...

Calourette Jewelry

I despise wearing brown, but I want this Emma Cook for Opening Ceremony dress... mostly because I love owls.

Shrek for OPI (so effing cute)

This romper from Obey's summer 2010 collection:

these are crazy, but i adore Jeremy Scott's work!... Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Mickey Hi Sneaks:


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