Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the most beautiful

By now, I'm sure everyone knows my love for Jeff Buckley!  I had a dream last night that I saw him at an intimate show at a lounge and it was amazing.  Since being pregnant, my dreams are ridiculous.  I've always had very real feeling dreams, but they are more vivid than ever, and I remember so much of them.  More than I ever have before anyway.  
Point is, I wish Jeff Buckley was still alive.  I would have adored to be able to see him live, just one time.  His music moves me like no other.  And I'm so passionate about music, love it so much, could never list every single artist and/or song that I love.  But Jeff's music, I literally get teary eyed every single time I listen to him.  And he's been my favorite for so long.  The music is just so honest and melodic and sincere and beyond beautiful.  I've yet to find anyone who can touch what he did.  I've been playing all of his music and covers for the  baby a few times a week! love.



  1. I love Jeff Buckley, I listened to alot of buckley and leonard cohen when I was pregnant with my girl:)

  2. aw :)

    love leonard cohen as well... but jeff buckley, love of my life lol. i could never get sick of him. he's the most amazing. rip