Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts Random

I wish I could get a pedicure every day of my life.
why do all or most men act like douche bags in one way or another?
this is the longest I've gone without booze or cigarettes and I don't even miss them.
I'm dog sitting a 10 yr old poodle named Pumpkin and she snores like a human being.
I write down most of my pregnant dreams, but last night for sure had to be the strangest one.
every time I hear or read abt someone going out to get shitty, I instantly get nauseous.
I've turned into such an old lady with good morals.
I'm terrified of having a c section but would rather that than vaginal birth... that scares me 10 fold.
Miette loves to push on my ribs and it is the weirdest feeling ever.
I miss going to shows in the city.
I can't wait to eventually move back to Brooklyn.
I wish my wife would move to new York.
I hope Miette looks like me, but with blue eyes.
I can't wait to have my baby girl in my arms!

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