Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ugh I slack like a muhfuh with my blogging lately. mostly bc I haven't gone on a computer in days. I just update pictures from my phone. I just haven't felt like going on the computer for some reason. weirdtits.
so I've got about 28 days until it's time for little Miette Aleksi to grace us with her presence via cesarean! praying she doesn't come early because I don't know how gung ho I'll be going through labor. it's so scary. I'm terrified of it. although I am also a little nervous about not being able to feel anything below the chest. numbness is creepy. I'm so strange. but all that matters is that she gets here safe. and I know god will take care of that.
everyday I grow more and more uncomfortable. the bigger my belly gets, the more I find it harder to move around. hope I can keep up with my prenatal yoga until the very end. I can't really bend to pick anything up and it is so tiring walking up and down the stairs. Miette loves to push on my ribs too. it's the strangest feeling and it's starting to hurt now. she pushes and kicks around so much that she even wakes me up during the night. I don't mind though. I just wish the anxiety would subside a bit. only a short time left and everything is worth it. her safe arrival is all that matters now.

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