Monday, December 27, 2010

crazy talk

it's only a few hours away.
in 6 hours (or 5am), I'll be leaving the house to go to the hospital...
i cannot believe it is finally here.
my daughter will be here in about 9 hours. (my surgery is scheduled for about 7:30 am)
I want to see her beautiful face.
i'm praying for a safe operation and more importantly, Miette to be safe, healthy, and happy.
i can't even believe the end of this long road is coming to an end... but another beautiful one is just about to begin.
this whole situation changed me so much, i can hardly wrap my brain around it.
i love who i've become and i do not miss the old me at all.
i can thank it all to my daughter and god.
so blessed, it's not even able to be put into words.

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