Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yes I happen to be aware that I have ugly feet, but I had to document my dayglo orange toes :)
deal with it.

today was a lovely day. the boyf took me for Japanese at my favorite restaurant, Tokyo. I've been eating at this place since I was 8 and it's still the best around. Zagat rated. I love it. it's tiny and cozy and not at all expensive. if more people knew about it, I'm sure they would expand. I like it low key though.

after lunch, I got myself a much needed pedicure. I haven't treated myself to anything so relaxing in a long ass time. it was seriously just what I needed. so relaxing. and of course I had to pick the ugliest color, but that's just me. I got a 10 minute back massage too. heaven.
I've been so stressed this past week, so it was a good way to end it... the week, that is.

pregnancy is so hard! luckily, the majority of my food upheaval has gone away, but nausea comes at night like clockwork. I am also constantly exhausted. I could get a full night of great sleep, wake up, and sleep for another 6 hours. seriously, I never knew how exhausting it can be. it's not like that for everyone, but it's what I'm getting the worst. I guess I shouldn't complain though, since I could be praying to the toilet gods all day.
I've also been stressed bc we all know that pregnancy does a number on your hormones. I get upset and emotional SO easily. the most lame, corny thing makes me sob uncontrollably. and I get extremely irritated at the drop of a dime. I started meditation again. haven't done it in awhile, but now seems like the perfect time to get back into it. hopefully that will start to help very soon. it takes practice.
another thing that bothers me is ppl who try to put me down for doing the right thing. the smut that this person spewed was so horrible. I don't see how someone you thought was a "best friend" could say such things. I didn't get upset over it, it just angered me. whatever, I know I'm going to be great at this and I'm so proud of myself that I chose my child over partying with people that will still be doing the same shit for a long time to come.

Frankie is going to a show tonight that Keith Murray is hosting, but I'm opting out. I'm exhausted as usual.

OH! propers to my girl, Drea. she is 31 weeks pregnant and was stung by a stingray yesterday and kept completely calm! what a good test for labor ;)
check out her blog:

I can't link it now bc I'm updating from my phone. I'm too lazy to get off the couch. a true fatty preggo <3

for now I'm watching the documentary, "hair: let the sunshine in", about my favorite play/album "Hair" (original Broadway version). It's abt hippies, the 60s, Vietnam, and love. my favorite since I was abt 12. I'll probably cry. :)

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  1. thanks for posting my link! Enjoy being lazy and your new phase in life! My exhaustion and nausea ended like clockwork around 11-12 weeks and I had major (too much) energy my 2nd tri... now im winding down again feeling gigantic and sleeeeepy and burpy and.... goodnight! xoxo