Monday, June 28, 2010

what goes in your products?

Animal by-products!

What are animal by-products?

"Animal by-products are the parts of a slaughtered animal that are not directly
consumed by humans, including dead on farm animals and catering waste (i.e.
waste food originating from restaurants, catering facilities and kitchens) that contains
or has been in contact with meat products, whether cooked or uncooked. Some of
these products are used in animal proteins like meat-and-bone-meal, fats, gelatine,
collagen, petfood and other technical products, such as glue, leathers, soaps,
fertilisers etc. The alternative is their destruction, most often by incineration. "


That is absolutely disgusting and not acceptable. Road kill is even counted as an animal by-product. Did you know that every time you put on lipstick, you're applying animal fat to your lips? among a butt load of other gross ingredients.
I always had an inkling that most of the products I used contain animal by-products, but I really didn't think of what exactly they were. we learned about some of this stuff in Esthetics, but never in detail. Well, I will not be using any products anymore, other than Arbonne... which is a completely vegan line. They don't even use bees wax.! The makeup is even amazing. Bright eye pigments, smooth lip polish, moisturizing lipstick, non pore clogging foundation, etc. There's even a baby care line that is completely natural and organic and vegan. I've been using the FC5 line for the past few days and my skin feels the best it has ever felt. Especially, since being pregnant, my skin has been ridiculously dry.

I'll be posting a lot about this from now on. I want everyone to know what goes on and in their skin and how they can have radiant skin for the rest of their lives! And if you care about animals, you won't use what you've been used to. If you're interested in Arbonne products, check out the site, . but then get in touch with me and find out how you can get these products with a discount :)


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