Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thoughts of a crazy preggo broad

I never go out and when I actually want to, that's when the morning (afternoon evening late night) sickness is the worst.

my baby is going to be beautiful.

I deleted Facebook bc I'm sick of silly social networks and seeing all of their drama... but I'm sure I'll be back soon.

why do people try so hard to be deep? if you are, you don't have to try to prove it.

I don't care much about brand name anything anymore. though dunks, blazers, and freeystyles will always have my heart.

Hair, The Who's Tommy, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Godspell are some of the most amazing albums / rock operas of all time.

I love when music moves me to tears.

I'm going to be an amazing mother.

I need to record very soon.

there is still such a thing as "kandi raves" complete with idiots dressed like munchkins doing ecstasy and "dancing" to happy hardcore lol. have they never heard drum and bass, dub step, or jungle?

girls will always be scandalous. they will cheat on their boyfriends. they will try to steal your boyfriends. they will still be sluts.

karma could kill you.

Jeff Buckley never fails to touch my heart.

people sure spend a lot of money trying to be hippies. I had no idea it was so expensive.

I need a tropical vacation. Disney world will suffice.

I'll always be a makeup artist but I rarely wear makeup anymore.

I'll still be dancing when my belly is bigger than my whole body.

"The Art Of Happiness". give it a read.

my child is going to be ridiculously cultured and educated and know how to fend for him or herself.

worry about yourself and yours first and foremost.

I love you, Thom Yorke.

Prince will always out the funk in my life <3

Sean Daley will always spit my favorite quotes.

Bjork is the cutest lady in the world.

deep thoughts by jack handy.

I could eat avocados all day long.

not being able to eat sushi is one of the worst things about pregnancy.

I don't hate my enemies. I pray for them and wish them well.

I would rather talk smut with a bunch of boys than go shopping with a group of girls.

I love being sober. a clear mind is a great mind.

I usually dislike what's "popular". I usually love what most people consider strange.

on that note, can lady gaga die already?

my boyfriend is the most wonderful man but drives me insane. I adore him. our kid is going to be the best looking most talented and intelligent kid alive.

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