Saturday, July 3, 2010

my brain ran dumb.

where did all the people i love care about go?

everyone is disappearing when i need them the most.

i love the colours of fall and spring.

summer hurts.

pumpkin ravioli is the best.

i've learned more in the past year, than i've learned in my whole life.

that's not true.

all of high school all of high school and middle school.

who knows?

if i have a daughter, she's going to have Deery Lou everything.

take me to Tokyo.

I don't want miss booze at all.

i look like young Liza Minnelli. kill me.

BIG EYES are beautiful eyes.

"breakout in a moonage daydream oh yeah"

fireworks make m3 jumpy.

change isn't always good. sometimes changing things makes it lose their nostalgia.


the snoring is out of control.

try your hardest and prosper in this mixed up world.

kill them with kindness

lose yourself in music, art, dance, creativity.

i still have a hard time believing that i'm going to have a watermelon in my stomach, very soon. <3

my eyes hurt.

my brain ran dumb

get it?

a lie is a lie is a lie.


wifey, come back to me.



one love

i love yew.

i love m3.

i love my bun.


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