Tuesday, July 6, 2010

take me away (& the random rants)

I need a vacation, desperately.  I would love to go to Japan.  Take me.  I was made to be in Tokyo for at least 24 hours of my life.


I love everything about Tokyo. I need to get there soooo badly.

Or this would be nice:


happy birthday, Frida Kahlo!

what an inspiration!


On another note, I want to start playing music for my bun in my oven :)  He/she will definitely be listening to a butt load of Jeff Buckley, Prince, Bjork, The Smiths... I'd like to only play slow, melodic music most of the time.  I want the baby to be as relaxed as possible, though we all know, that can be a hard feat. pregnancy is stressful! but worth it. i have a baby doc appointment coming up next week, but I won't find out the sex until August... as long as baby doesn't hide on me.  I totally think I'm going to have a girl.  I just really think so.  I mean, there's only one other outcome, but the feeling is overwhelming.  it's almost making me feel as if I'll be disappointed if I'm having a boy.  of course, i know that won't be the case.  i'll be just as ecstatic with a boy or a girl. I know the pregnancy is going to fly by insanely quickly, but I wish it was closer to delivery time! I'm so impatient.  i want to see my beautiful baby now!!!!  i'm 14 weeks and already showing a decent bit, too.  i know i'm not huge, but you can definitely tell.  i cannot imagine how much bigger my belly will be, and so soon. it's insanity. i'm loving every minute of it... even the hard times. i need to embrace it all!!!!

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