Friday, September 10, 2010

bird song

I've been playing so much music for my cooking baby bun and she's been starting to move around so much in response. I really only play soothing, melodic music for her. a lot of jeff buckley, radiohead, prince,  maxwell, john frusciante, bjork, elliot smith, and a butt load more. we all know Jeff is my favorite though. I'm not too keen on all those baby einstein type music compilations. they are expensive and really only bought for the name. I own at least 8,000 tracks on my pc, not to mention on the boyfs mac book, so I'm sure we'll do fine. music is my life and I want to make sure it touches my daughter's heart as it does mine. <3

feel free to recommend some music I should be playing for the baby. but please refrain from any mainstream top 40 blasphemy. :)

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