Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm glad to bring summer to an end. It was a nice one, but way too hot... especially for a pregnant broad. had it's ups, had it's downs. never the less, i'm very grateful for this summer and making it more than halfway through my pregnancy. the pros definitely outweigh the cons of this summer. i have so much support. an amazing family, wonderful true friends, a great man and baby daddy in my life. the best man i've ever known. though sometimes i don't show it. but i adore him more than anything. and i'm so glad he is going to be the father of my child. she is going to be such a talented little one. only a little over 3 months! i can't believe it.
Miette moves around so much in my belly now. still waiting for some big ass kicks, but i always feel her swimming around in there. such a strange, but awestruck type feeling. i can't stop trying to put together the features on her face. her eye color. the shape of her nose. what color her hair will be. everything. i (not so secretly) want her to look like me, but with blue eyes, like Frankie. Whoever she looks like, she'll still be the most beautiful baby ever. <3

I need to find this costume for her:

purple carebear, perfect.

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