Friday, September 3, 2010

what goes on in life?

Things are starting to look up, I believe. gotta stay positive! went through a bit of a rough patch, but nothing i can't handle. this baby bun is really keeping me going. i'm loving every minute of being pregnant. it's still so surreal to me, in a way. i've been feeling a lot of movement in there, but i'm still waiting for those painful kicks! i want them so badly. i want to feel her kick me in my ribs. i'm sure she will hurt me because in all of her sonograms, she moves around like crazy. she's so active. maybe she'll take after me and be a dancer. that would be wonderful. this kid is going to be very talented, i'll tell you that much! i sing, dance, write, photograph... and Frankie is an absolutely amazing artist, writer, rhymer, mc, musician. she's bound to take up many of these activities. love being creative. as of today, i am 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant! i cannot believe i'm more than halfway done with this pregnancy. it's flying by, but simultaneously taking it's time. i do wish it would go just a bit faster. my belly is getting bigger by the day! i love it. i actually look pregnant now, and not like i have a solid beer gut. i have to take my glucose test in 2 weeks, and i have to go in fasting, which blows bc my appetite has never been bigger. oh well. loving life. being positive. taking care of myself and my bun 24/7. things are wonderful!

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  1. that glucose test is soooooooooooo fucking miserable and pointless

    anyway...can't wait for little bun to be out!!!!
    I am hoping Orson is talented too. He will be amazing at everything.