Monday, January 31, 2011


I love my half shaved head. I'm totally letting the other side grow ridiculously long and keeping the shaved part.

my life now consists of changing poopie diapers, making bottles, 2 or 3 hrs of sleep at a time, and not being able to go out much... and I'm loving every minute of it.

I think Mimi is going to be an advanced baby. she's already smiling early, tries to hold her bottle, and can pretty much hold her head up. I was an advanced baby. I was speaking in full sentences by 1 yrs old, walked early, and taught myself to read.

how come in movies there's always a cat stuck in a tree and the owner has to call the cops or fire fighters to get it down? I've never in my life heard of this actually happening.

I wish people would stop believing everything they read on Facebook.

my daughter only cries if she's super hungry. I lucked out.

whatever happened to Junior

instant netflix is probably one of the most amazing inventions ever.

can broads please stop wearing Uggs already?

I can't wait to be totally healed from c-section surgery so I can take dance classes again.

I feel like I'm way too concerned with finding new music to listen to. my musical taste is amazing, I must say.

I've always loved listening to dnb/jungle in the morning. always puts me in a good mood and wakes me up.

I want to collect vinyl. I already have a pretty wonderful collection from the 60s / 70s that my mom passed down to me. Led Zep and The Who's Tommy being my favorite.

Prince has performed quite a few shows the past month or so and of course it's when I had no way of being able to go.

why has nobody made a movie abt Jeff Buckley's life starring James Franco yet?

hiphop will always be my number one love. I know more abt it than most.

la vita e bella.


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