Sunday, January 30, 2011

a month already!

January 28th (this past friday) marked Miette turning one month old! I can hardly believe it. I can't believe the love I feel for this little girl. She truly saved my life. Where was I a year ago? I had just started dating Frankie and I was still partying. Funny thing is, I don't miss it. At all. Sure, I'll go out every once in awhile for special occasions and when my mom agrees to babysit (i'd only let her, my grandma, and my aunt watch her). She is so precious. I'm sure I've said this since she's been born, but it's truly astounding how much you can love someone. I never felt this before. And I've always loved hard, but this is like insanity. When she cries (which isn't often, really only when she's hungry. she's such a good baby... so far lol), it makes me want to cry. When I'm (bottle) feeding her and she stares into my eyes, it's the best feeling. She's starting to smile socially now, and it is the greatest smile ever. You know how people say stuff like, "I'd die for him/her", "I'd do anything for him/her", "I'd take a bullet for him/her" ? Well, I've said things like that before, but it doesn't compare to how you feel about your child. It's like those words had no meaning before, and now I'm in the know. I am so beyond blessed, it's ridiculous. I could've kept going deeper into the dark, but instead I got the greatest gift anyone can receive. Can't believe it's already a month. cannot believe it. I love her so much.


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