Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Thursday!

I love this photo.

I'm in an exceptionally good, no great mood today! I'm not exactly sure why. Just woke up feeling lovely. The weather is a big help, except for that disgusting rain the other day. But, everything in my life is going so well. I'm so happy. I'm so grateful for everything that I have. I know, it's strange to see me being ridiculously positive! Get used to it.

Today is day 3 of being a non-smoker. It's really difficult, but the patch is definitely helping and the butt load of sugar free candy i purchased too. I'm really hoping that I can stick with this. The main reason is for my singing voice. I want it to stay strong, and maybe even get stronger than it is. Hopefully works out well.

I want one of these:

I remember my great grandmother (I think) having this when I was little, and I always wanted it. I think hers had googly eyes though. Maybe I can track it down, or find one at the thrift store.

I feel like being crafty today.
I'm either going to paint, acid wash some shirts, write, or take some photos. I need to do something creative, or I'll go nuts.
I wrote a long rhyme last night, that I think came out really well. I may wanna turn it into a trip-hop (think Portishead) type song. Or I'm going to rap. I can rap, I know most of you are probably like, "is this broad serious?" haha. But yeah I can definitely spit, so stay tuned.

I'll be recording tonight, as well. Jumping on a track with my boo and the PCU.
loving all the music we're making!

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