Wednesday, March 24, 2010

swallow your pride

Please do not take life for granted. I know it's cliche, but life is way too short to sweat the small stuff. Forgive and forget. Don't hold grudges. I forgive everyone who has ever wronged me, even if they aren't sorry. I've done some horrible things in the past, and i apologize to everyone that I've ever hurt. Make ammends with people, even if you aren't so fond of them. Hating on people will only weigh heavy on your heart and takes up too much negative energy. It takes more energy to hate someone, then love/like someone. When people pass away, the haters will feel just as bad as the loved ones. I had a revelation very recently, and I honestly pray for everyone I know. Even the people who may not like me or "hate" me. I cannot take anything for granted again. My time may come soon and my loved ones time may come soon, but I will be ready to be at peace with myself and everyone else. I forgive you.

my daddy, Frankie Santoriello
my aunt patricia
my grandparents and great grand parents
mr. and mrs. kirk
jeff buckley (for making music that touches my heart, like no other)
Cathi Muse & Angel
any of my loved ones, loved ones


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