Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Randies love is really making me want to make my whole entire wardrobe into vintage dresses. I have quite the collection of 80s prom dresses and 90s sweaters, but I need to get my game up. I'm in love with vintage dresses. I'm itching to go to the thrift store. I just love finding vintage pieces that you know nobody else owns. And you can totally go to a thrift store with 50 bucks and buy a whole new wardrobe. love it. Let's thrift!

I'm absolutely in love with cake art, thanks to "Cake Boss". I think I'm going to try my hand at it. First project, something simple, maybe a cheeseburger cake. It will probably come out horrendous my first try, but it would just be for fun. I love baking, and I'm good at it, so I'll step it up a bit. Who knows, if I'm good at cake art, maybe I can make some money doing that. ha, doubt it. It will be fun to experiment, none the less.

Another thing I'm excited about, this Saturday I will be doing Frankie's mom's makeup for a 1920s theme party! Inspiration? Clara Bow, of course.

Too bad there aren't any color photos, but I know how to do 1920s makeup. It's actually one of my favorite makeup styles. Very dramatic, smokey eyes. Deep red lips. Deep rose cheeks. And I love the cupid's bow lips.

This will definitely be good for my makeup portfolio. Hopefully it comes out great. Very excited for this.

ok, I'll leave you with a random song that I love...

adore Patti Smith, and her haunting, melodic music.
definitely not for everyone though haha.


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