Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothin' but a number? Hmmm

I was thinking about my age, (my 26th birthday is in 9 days) and it's seriously depressing. Before turning 25, pretty much every birthday wasn't exactly life changing. Everyone says stuff like, "so how does it feel to be *blank age*?" And I would never feel any different. But I swear, as soon as I turned 25, I became really aware that I only had 5 years to 30. That's sickening to me. I mean, I know 30 isn't old, by any means. But growing older really is the pits. I wish I could've just stayed at 24. There's so much that comes with getting old, and I'm already noticing a butt load of differences. For 1, it used to be so easy for me to shed any weight I had gained. I'm losing weight now, but I definitely have to work harder at it then I used to. Responsibility gets bigger (unless you're a low life). There's pressure to get married and have babies - especially with an old fashioned italian family. I'm in no rush to even consider marriage, let alone have a seed. I just learned how to take care of myself, after years of booze intake, failed relationships, drug dabbles, making abrupt decisions without thinking them through. I'm definitely way too selfish to take care of a little bun. I'm doing me, and for awhile.
So, I'm not quite sure where this rant came from at such a late/early hour, but it was on my mind.
Even though I'm not looking forward to turning 26, I am however stoked about the beef celebration this year. My people and I are taking either a limo, party bus, or mexican party bus to Long Beach bar hopping. We did this last year as well, but it was female only. We're doing it up co-ed this year. Should be interesting.

Ok, I'm done with this pointless update.

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