Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ransom (random)

I'm bored. Deal with it.

Amber Rose is so hot, but really, can she stop dressing like an idiot (and stop dating Kanye dbag)?

he even went on to blog about people criticizing celeb fashion. honestly, if you don't want people to comment on how you're dressing, don't dress like a douche monster. plus, don't a butt load of celebrities try to make fashion statements (whether ridiculous or not) and try to turn heads? wah stop crying, Kanye.

here's my doll:

I love love love Kristin Cavallari. This spread is for ASOS magazine. This broad needs to model for a living. She's so cute and such a bitch, I love it. I'm so attracted to assholes!


so into old school Joan Jett & Cherry Currie. so into Kristen Stewart, not just because of Twilight, but she is a talented little bitch and sexy to the T. adore! I find Dakota Fanning a bit obnoxious, but she's a good actress, so whatever.



so, some exciting news!
my boy, Apathy, asked me to sing on a track!
you may have heard of him. He's a pretty successful rapper from Connecticut. Having done songs with Louis Logic, Mike Shinoda, Vinnie Paz, and Celph Titled, he's got a lot of experience under his belt!
I'm so stoked. I would be on tracks with a signed artist! so amazing.

don't forget to peep the music page and listen to the songs I'm on.

Birdie's music page

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